What's cloud.diet?
Cloud.diet is a fully mobile compatible online diet program that systematically changes itself based on your own particular lifestyle, always improving its prescribed plan based on what is working for you and other dieters. We like to think of it as a living, breathing diet that is constantly evolving based on real life data and research.
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Now on to the complex explanation; the difference between cloud.diet and other plans, books, gimmicks, etcetera; is it’s a proprietary system, based on a specific technology called Machine Learning. Similar to artificial intelligence, cloud.diet learns about you, evolving based on your history, successes and failures. Diets are then advised based on site-wide analytical data, metrics from other users, empirical research, and most important, your personal history.

Cloud.diet is an independent online diet system being created by licensed dietitians, Dylan Jones (MS, RD, CD, CES) and Staci Gulbin (MS, MEd, RD, LDN), and Matt Johnson, NASM certified personal trainer for nearly 20 years and founder of www.changingshape.com (100,000 plus members), and our highly revered team over at Digital Hatch (dhatch.com), a full-service web development agency, usually coding the project during off hours, on a shoestring budget.
Why are you developing cloud.diet?
The widespread misinformation about dieting is precisely why we are developing cloud.diet.

There are still new diet fads coming out daily, some even dangerous. Most are completely confusing and misleading to the general public, designed to push their sales agenda and nothing more.  Many dieters have even lost their overall perception of the most basic fundamental rules about nutrition, dieting, and weight change. Some weight loss hopefuls have even completely given up. No wonder obesity is on the rise. Today, more than two-thirds of adults are considered overweight or obese. + Read More
In this climate, thoughtful simplicity is our goal. We will overcome the extensive dieting misinformation, and design a systematic program based on applied evidence and your personalized data.  For us, “simple” means bringing together all the details and quantifying it for you in an intuitive interphase, focusing on the significant factors that matter to you and ultimately, lead to your success.

Cloud.diet will empower our users with the facts, making dieting practical again. You will learn what works best for you.

If we do this, the commercial diet complex will never be the same again. We want to do nothing less than create a new model for honest diet design, absent of commercial interests or persuasion. Our agenda is truly about bringing you the truth.

But to do that, we need your help. Any amount that you can contribute will help make a huge difference and bring this project to fruition astronomically faster.

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What makes cloud.diet unique?
Cloud.diet isn’t a new fad or some undiscovered diet miracle.

This is how it works. Using a sophisticated algorithm based on your current physical numerical information, cloud.diet will simply design evidence-based diet plans for you, evolve weekly, pinpointed and adapting with what is working for you and others. It will evolve and become more precise over time. The more you use it, the better it works. + Read More
In summary, cloud.diet is a systematic new approach to dieting based on simplified behavioral data, fused with proven nutritional facts, cutting out all the fluff. Your diet will be tailored to you, not the other way around. cloud.diet truly lives and breathes with you.

Our goal is to offer our first beta version of the site and to exponentially grow our community, helping as many people as we possibly can.
Meet the Team
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Fun
While working as a trainer and writing a technical paper for his undergraduate degree, Matt found a very exciting study. In it, a group of successful dieters, who used a behavioral based website, had better or equivalent results when compared to face-to-face counseled dieters who followed the same basic plan. At that moment, Matt got the notion to create a behavioral based online personal training program. In 2001, he launched ChangingShape.com. + MORE ABOUT Matt
Matt Johnson The website was one of the first online fitness programs and experienced tremendous growth. Within three years, ChangingShape.com received national exposure and over 50,000 users subscribed and actively used the system.

Matt later re-launched ChangingShape.com in 2004 as a paid service only, providing private, online personal training services, strongly behavioral based. The ChangingShape.com program involved weekly (sometimes daily) check-ins between the client and a certified trainer, nutrition and exercise program design based on individual preferences and equipment access, and structured behavioral modification/goal setting compliance.

Wanting to reach more people, in 2015, Matt relaunched ChangingShape.com, opening up the site to free registrations. You can review the releases here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/02/prweb12487292.htm, http://www.prreach.com/changingshape-com-ccomplimentary-memberships-mobile-workouts/. Currently, the site includes thousands of workouts, exercises, and diets that can be used free for all users. However, he is far from done.

Through 10 plus years of training clients online, Matt began to notice the dire need for nutritional education. The amount of diet misinformation circulating in his client's vocabulary was scary, Matt said. And it was much trickier getting clients to adhere to nutrition protocol.  Matt continuously encountered the need for more precise, personalized behavioral modification and compliance geared specifically for eating. Ironically, the exercise adherence seemed to always be the easy part.  Working at this capacity, from a behavioral thought process, and with his technical background, Matt silently began working on a new concept for a revolutionary approach to dieting. 

Shortly thereafter, and after spending a few years coding himself, Matt was introduced to machine learning from Google. Enthusiastically, Matt studied the new technology, Google's new algorithm, and its clear connection to human behavior. Merging his nearly 20-year fitness and psychology background with current technology, Matt began developing the foundation for cloud.diet.
Dylan Jones, MS, RD, CD, CES
Dylan Jones Fun
Dylan Jones is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Clinical Exercise Specialist.

Dylan Jones He has worked in hospitals, weight loss centers and through several online platforms. His background includes a Masters in Human Nutrition and a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism. Currently, Dylan works as a Bariatric Dietitian helping reverse morbid obesity through food-based interventions and coaching, as well as runs a private practice in the Portland-metro area. He's passionate about viewing food as medicine and relying on activity daily for wellbeing. These simple concepts are ones that majority of the world's cultures believe and use for good health. With his background and skills, Dylan can help clients in their journey with weight loss, managing chronic conditions or improving athletic performance. His sessions include testing, tasting food and counseling for motivation.
Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD, LDN
Staci Gulbin Fun
Staci Gulbin is a registered dietitian and former certified personal trainer that has a passion for helping others get on track to better health.
Staci Gulbin Through her graduate education at New York University and Columbia University, as well as her work experience in medical weight loss, the fitness arena, nutrition research, teaching, health writing, and long-term care, Staci has a diverse array of knowledge and experience with patients and clients of all ages and backgrounds. Staci uses her experience to educate patients and create customized health and nutrition plans for them using practical strategies that best fit their current lifestyle. Staci’s philosophy on health is to focus not on fad diets, yo-yo dieting, or depriving oneself of favorite foods, but learning to appreciate food for how it can improve your life and still taste great.
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ChangingShape.com Online Training System
The Advisory Board
Jessica Boldt, LICSW & LCSW
Jess will advise us on our planning and development of the behavioral based algorithm implemented by cloud.diet.

+ MORE ABOUT Jessica
My Background:
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology
  • Psychiatry & Neurology Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry
My Training & Approaches:
  • Train the Trainer
  • Trauma-Focused CBT (TF-CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Ecological & Resiliency Models
  • Attachment Model
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Tyler Heaps, UX Manager
Tyler specializes in analyzing complex data and will identify ways to improve user experience, website metrics and diet plan usability.
My Background:
  • Using Google Analytics to identify optimization opportunities through analysis of behavior and conversion
  • Analysis and testing on digital channels, improving the customer experience and achieving goals through A/B testing and optimization
  • Supported other departments in providing data insights to aid in product development and process improvement
My Certifications:
  • Google Analytics Academy: Google
  • Inbound Certification: HubSpot
Jax Johnson, Inspiration Coach
Jax specializes in inspiring her family, and helps her friends daily with philosophy, love and being true.

Philosophy by Jaxyn
Where Contributions Will Go
We're going to be raising funds via crowdfunding to finish and publish the first fully functional version of cloud.diet, a research-based program, and the technology that evolves your diet based on your daily behaviors and successes. 

Our first goal is to simply raise enough funds to create the first version of the site and to exponentially grow the cloud.diet community, helping as many people as we can with scientific, behavioral driven diets. 

Each and every dollar will help us complete cloud.diet beta and the specific milestones below will be reached based on your kind and thoughtful contributions.

Let's change the mass dieting complex altogether and rewrite the correct the mistakes of a biased and totally fractured industry. + How Can I Help?
Do you want to help cloud.diet? There will be a list of ‘perks’ in the near future. Many of them start at as little as $1. Choose the perk that makes the most sense to you, it’s that easy. We will then walk you through a really simple process to complete your contribution. Donating is easy and all major credit cards will be accepted. Of course, if you prefer, you can also contribute using your PayPal account. So, sign up now and get access first, before the general public.
+ There are More Ways to Show Your Support
The success of crowdfunded projects like cloud.diet depend on word of mouth advertisement. So, please help spread the word with a Facebook post, Tweet, a comment on your favorite blog, or you can simply email our page link to your friends and family. Any help can make a difference.
+ Votes toward Future Technology
Do you want to have an impact on any future tools or services cloud.diet may offer? If so, you won’t want to miss this. Cloud.diet is offering you the chance to gain a vote toward cloud.diet’s future offerings. Each vote will be in proportion to the amount of your pledge. So, if you pledge $10 gets you a $10 vote. A $100 pledge gets you a $100 vote. Whatever the amount of your pledge, you will receive the same value in the form of a vote.
+ Limited Time Discounts
Sometimes, there is an offer you simply cannot afford to pass up. Such is the case with our limited time discounts. These are available for the next 60 days once our crowdfunding campaign is launched and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So, if they resonate with you, be sure to sign up and get insider info on our launch date and get full access first. These discounts are offering you a chance to snatch up early beta access to the latest features and tools that cloud.diet has to offer, a chance to drive it all home, virtually, of course, in our cloud.diet+ premium package all at a steep discount to you.

There will be discount tiers to fit every budget! Sign up and get early access.